I have been in Tallahassee for more than ten years and until I started updating this site I had no idea there are so many restaurants in this area.

Like many people we have gotten ourselves into a small circle of places that we visit and I can probably count them all on two hands, but that is no way to go through life when there are so many other places out there to try.

Now that I think about it we have picked our favorite places to eat in each style of food.

Our favorite places to eat in Tallahassee go something like this:

Burgers: Well’s Brother’s on Tharp

Cajun/Creole: Poboys on College Ave and Pensacola

Chinese: Super China Buffet on Monroe Street

Italian: A little place on Capital Circle – I will update with the name later.

Mexican: San Miguel’s on Tharpe

Pizza: The Magic Mushroom on Pensacola

Seafood: Barnacle Bills on North Monroe

Sushi: Mori’s Japanese Steak House off Monroe Street on Sharer Rd.

Wings: Wingstop on Tennessee (Barnacle Bills makes some good ones too.)

I will keep adding to this list, while I do make sure you check out all the places on the site and leave comments about the ones you love to go to or the ones you hate.